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"Virtual office" and secretarial services

"Virtual office" and secretarial services

When deciding to register a non-resident company for tax planning purposes, asset protection, transaction execution, or any other, its owner should be aware that this legal entity often can not exist solely on paper. Renting a real office in the country of incorporation of a company is usually not required for doing business and is a waste of money for the perfection of modern means of communication. However, despite this, at a minimum, reception and prompt forwarding of incoming correspondence arriving at the legal address indicated in the registration documents should be organized.

In many situations, it is also required that the company has existing phone numbers, which are accepted by the secretaries directly in the country of location of the company or redirected to the foreign telephone numbers of the beneficiary's trusted representatives.

The service of a virtual office should be distinguished from the service of the registration office, which does not provide for the services of a secretary and the forwarding of documents.

The "virtual office" service will allow the actual owner of a foreign legal entity to receive promptly important information related to its activities. Quality secretarial service also avoids misunderstandings and problem situations in relations with contractors and authorities that may arise from the lack of correspondence at the legal address.

All the nuances of the work of the "virtual office", such as the methods and terms of sending correspondence, are coordinated individually with each client for maximum convenience.


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