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The Swiss Confederation is a federal republic, the territories of which are divided into 26 cantons. Jurisdiction of Switzerland has a strong banking system, a high standard of living among the population, political stability, and, importantly, excellent quality of goods and services. Despite the fact that Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, the country is an international "center" for most organizations of the world scale and one of the most developed in the world.

The company's registration in Switzerland will increase the respectability of the entire business structure, and attractive tax regimes in some cantons, as well as the large number of bilateral agreements concluded between the Swiss government and other countries, will help to optimize taxation somewhat.

FEATURES of Jurisdiction

  • Stable political situation;
  • Close relations with the European Union;
  • High level of economic development;
  • There is a large number of SOIDS;
  • The possibility of choosing a more favorable taxation regime depending on the canton;
  • Membership in many international organizations;
  • Member of the Schengen agreement (simplified passport and visa control).

ways of using the company

A close relationship with the European Union, as well as an advantageous geographical location, allows the use of the Swiss company for trading activities. Among the main tax advantages of Swiss companies is the possibility of using them as "holding companies". In Switzerland, there is also the possibility of obtaining "preliminary" tax solutions, allowing to determine in advance the expected tax burden (based on the expected turnover of the company), which will allow more accurate financial and tax planning.


Types of companies
  • Limited Liability Company (GmbH);
  • Joint Stock Company (AG);
Term of registration of the company21 working days;
PAID IN SHARED CAPITALNot less than half of the authorized capital;
TaxationIncome tax at the federal level is 8.5% (effective rate is 7.8%);

The income tax at the level of the canton of Zug depends on the type of company:

  • Operating
    in respect of capital and reserves - 0.5%, in other cases - 3% to reach 100 000 CHF, after - 5.75%;
  • Holding
    in respect of capital and reserves - 0.02%, in other cases there is no profit tax;
  • Domiciliary
    the profits received in Switzerland are taxed in full (3% before reaching 100,000 CHF, after - 5.75%), profits from abroad are taxed proportionally depending on the company's activity;
  • Mixed
    the profits received in Switzerland are taxed in full (3% before reaching 100,000 CHF, after - 5.75%), profits from abroad are taxed depending on the number of employees.

The value added tax is 8% (2.5%, 3.8%).

Provision of accounting reports and the conduct of audits The Company must maintain and maintain financial statements and file tax returns;
An audit is mandatory if the company has a turnover of more than CHF 40 million, assets of more than CHF 20 million, and has more than 10 employees;
Minimum number of shareholdersOne (physical / legal entity) resident or non-resident;
Minimum number of directorsOne;
Nominal serviceAvailable;
Availability of information about owners and directorsInformation about the director is public; there is an obligation to maintain a register of beneficial owners of the company in the possession of more than 25% of the company's share or voting shares;
The planned start date for the automatic exchange of tax information (CRS MCAA) September 2018;

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