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The Netherlands

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The Netherlands


The Kingdom of the Netherlands is recognized as a modern prestigious jurisdiction for the creation of companies due to the large number of advantages that allow you to conduct business more productively. The economy of the Netherlands is one of the most stable in the world, which provides a reliable protection of the assets of the enterprise.

The registration process is relieved of bureaucratic difficulties and takes relatively little time, allowing you to start business more quickly.

The Netherlands has signed and ratified more than 80 international agreements on avoidance of double taxation, including with Ukraine. Loyal norms of the Dutch legislation provide for the absence of a tax on repatriation when paying interest and royalties in favor of non-residents.

Features of jurisdiction

  • They are a member of the European Union and a member of the Schengen Agreement;
  • Recently, there has been a tendency to tighten the requirements for holding structures (if they wish to enjoy benefits under tax agreements).
  • There is a Directive on parent companies and subsidiaries, according to which the funds paid to the parent companies of the EU are exempt from withholding tax on dividends;
  • It is not included in the list of states (territories) whose operations are recognized as being controlled under Ukrainian tax legislation;
  • There are no requirements to the minimum authorized capital;
  • The possibility to use the benefits provided for in the EU Directives (for example, the Directive on parent and subsidiaries).

Ways of using the company

Companies registered in the Netherlands are widely used to create holding structures, optimize interest payments, and royalties. Due to the granting of privileges for developments within the framework of the "innovation regime", the company transfers the research and development centers to the Netherlands.


  1. Passage of due diligence procedure ("know your customer").
  2. Coordination of the name of the company.
  3. Registration of the company in the commercial register and tax authorities.

COMPANY Requirements

Type of company Company type Besloten Vennootschap, BV is a private limited company;
The company registration period3-4 weeks;
Taxation20% for the first € 200,000 of profit, 25% is applied to the rest of the profit;

For both categories, the rate will gradually decline:
in 2019 by 1%;
in 2020 - 1.5%;
in 2021 - by 1.5%.
Thus, by 2021 the income tax rate will be 16% for the first € 200,000 of profit and 21% for the rest of the profit;

There are benefits within the framework of the "innovation regime": the effective tax rate is 7%;

VAT - the general rate of 21%, the preferential rate of 6% (applies to such goods and services as food products, medicines, books); it is expected to raise the preferential rate to 9%;
The minimum number of shareholdersOne;
Minimum number of directorsOne;
Nominal servicePossible
Availability of information about owners and directorsAvailable;
Additional informationJurisdiction is not contained in the "TC List", the black lists of the OECD and the Financial Assistance Group (FATF). Participates in the Hague Convention of 1961;

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