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Ireland is one of the most developed countries in Europe. The company's opening in this prestigious jurisdiction will suit those who intend to enter the European market and do business in the EU. The procedure for registering a company in this state does not take much time. Information about the beneficiary is confidential and is provided only to the registered agent. Ireland has signed agreements on exemption from double taxation with more than 30 countries, including Ukraine.

Features of jurisdiction

  • No personal presence is required to complete the registration procedure for the company;
  • Absence in the OECD and FATF blacklists;
  • Operational registration of the company;
  • Requirement to provide financial statements;
  • Absence of exchange control.

ways of using THE COMPANY

Companies are registered for the purpose of their application in trade and holding structures. This jurisdiction is characterized by a favorable regime for intellectual property. Thanks to a stable economy and a stable political situation, Ireland annually attracts large foreign investments in such sectors of the economy as information technology, food industry, engineering.


To register a company in Ireland, you must:

  1. Provide from one to three planned company names in English for verification.
  2. Provide a package of documents for shareholders, directors and beneficiary, which includes:
    - a civil passport, a foreign passport or a driving license;
    - confirmed address of residence;
    - constituent documents for legal entities.
  3. Provide information on the company's proposed activity and geography of doing business.


Type of companyPrivate Limited Company (LTD);
The company registration term10 working days;
AUTHORISED SHARED CAPITALMinimum amount of authorised capital - 1 €;
The recommended size of the authorized capital is 100 €;
TaxationIncome tax:
  • on profit from trade - 12.5%;
  • on the profit received not from trade - 25%;
VAT - 23%;
Preferential rates: 0%, 4.8%, 9%, 13.5%.

Tax at source:

  • dividends - 0% (for a non-resident company and individuals (residents and non-residents) 20%);
  • interest - 20% for non-residents;
  • royalties: 20% for patents, for others - 0%;
Minimum number of shareholdersOne (natural or legal person, non-resident or resident);
The minimum number of directorsOne (an individual, one of the directors is a resident of the EEC);
Nominal serviceAvailable;
Availability of information about owners and directors Information is public;

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