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The Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, the World Trade Organization, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This jurisdiction is not offshore and has an excellent location for export-import operations in Europe.

Features of jurisdiction

  • It is not offshore and is not listed in any of the blacklists;
  • Not on the TC list;
  • A fairly simple procedure for assigning a VAT number;
  • A large number of agreements on avoidance of double taxation concluded, including with Ukraine;
  • The possibility to use the benefits provided for in the EU Directives (for example, the Directive on parent and subsidiaries).

Ways of using the company

Czech companies are used as a "person" of business in the construction of holding structures, as well as in trading activities under the "agent-principal" scheme.

Company registration procedure

To register a company in the Czech Republic, you must provide the following documents:

  1. Several variants of the name for verification.
  2. A package of documents for shareholders, directors and the beneficiary, which includes:
    - a civil passport, a driving license or a foreign passport;
    - confirmed address of residence.
  3. Information about the expected type of the company's activities and the geography of doing business.

Comapny Requirements

The minimum authorized capital in LLC is 1 Kč;When establishing a company, it is necessary to deposit at least 30% for a cash contribution and 100% for a non-monetary contribution;
Type of companyLimited liability company;
The company registration period 20-25 working days;
TaxationIncome tax is 19% (a 5% rate applies to some investment funds (basic investment fund, 0% - to pension funds);

Value added tax - 21% (preferential rates - 10%, 15%, 0%);

Tax at source when paying income:
  • dividends - 15% / 35% (if paid to a resident of the "tax haven");
  • interest - 15% / 35% (if paid to a resident of the "tax haven");
  • royalties - 15% / 35% (if paid to a resident of the "tax haven").
The minimum number of shareholdersOne;
The minimum number of directorsOne;
Nominal serviceAvailable;
Availability of information about company participants Information on directors, shareholders is available publicly;

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