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Austria is a prestigious European jurisdiction that does not have an offshore image, but at the same time provides unique opportunities for structuring the business and legal minimizing the tax burden. The country has repeatedly held the highest positions in the World Bank's ratings on ease of doing business and cross-border trade.

The establishment of an Austrian company, due to the high level of trust in business from this jurisdiction, means no problems with banks and payment services. Austria has an extensive network of agreements on avoidance of double taxation (89 agreements), many of which are concluded with the leading economies of the world, and some - with classic offshore companies. Austria is a suitable state for both the establishment of start-ups and for the diversification of an already existing business. Another undoubted plus is the absence of tedious bureaucratic procedures when registering a company.

It is worth noting the attractive tax treatment of groups of companies, as well as tax exemption of dividends / capital gains received by an Austrian company from foreign subsidiaries.

Features of jurisdiction

  • Presence of rules on controlled foreign companies (CIC);
  • Absence of thin capitalization rules;
  • Exchange of consolidated country reports (Country-by-Country Reporting);
  • There are no requirements for the establishment of the Supervisory Board in small and medium-sized GesmbH (limited liability companies).

ways of using the company

Companies registered in Austria are widely used to create holding structures, optimize interest payments, dividends and royalties. Another popular option is the agency scheme in which the company in Austria acts as an offshore principal agent (usually applicable in trade). Also, Austrian companies can be used to own assets and transfer pricing.


  1. Obtaining necessary data and documents for registration;
  2. Forming a package of documents for the registration of the company;
  3. Registration of an enterprise in a regional court at the location of the company.

COMPANY REquirements

Type of company
GmbH - Limited Liability Company;
The company registration period
TaxationCorporate tax - 25%;

Tax at source when paying income:
  • dividends - 27.5% (without taking into account possible benefits);
  • percent - 0%;
  • royalties - 20% (without taking into account possible benefits).
VAT - the general rate of 20%, preferential rates 0/10/13%.
The minimum number of shareholders4-6 weeks;One, an individual or a legal entity, has no value;
Minimum number of directors One, an individual or legal entity, has no value;
Nominal servicePossible;
Availability of information about owners and directorsAvailable;

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