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Republic of Seychelles

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Republic of Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is an independent presidential republic within the British Commonwealth. The head of state is the President, who is also the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. The National Assembly is the legislative body of the state, consisting of members elected by direct vote. The British system of self-government was liquidated by a coup d'état supported by multi-party elections in 1993. In the same year, a new Constitution was adopted.

Currently, the Government contributes to the inflow of foreign investment and considers them a key factor in national economic growth. The Seychelles economy is mainly based on tourism, fishing and coconut and vanilla processing.

In 1995, the Parliament of the Republic of the Seychelles adopted legislation regulating business management and instructed to supervise this activity by a special body called Seychelles International Business Management (SIBA).

The Seychelles occupy a strategic location at the intersection of major commercial sea lanes and air traffic lines. Seychelles International Airport is one of the largest in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is equipped with an effective system of national and international tele-radio communications between the islands of the archipelago, with neighboring countries and countries on the African coast, as well as satellite communications - 1 Intelsat, serving the Indian Ocean region.

AreaLocated in the heart of the Indian Ocean;
Population about 80 000 people;
TimeUTC + 4;
Capital Victoria;
Official languageEnglish, French;
Monetary unitSeychelles rupee;
Communication systemsStable, dialing code +248;

Basic set of documents

Legalized documents (copies of documents certified by an apostille):

  1. Notarial certificate;
  2. Original Certificate of Incorporation;
  3. Original Decision of the founder on appointment of the first director;
  4. Originals of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  5. The original of the Certificate of tax exemption (additionally).


  1. 3 form of certificates of shares, copies of constituent documents;

Printing company, DHL services and other additions.

Company Requirements

Type of companyInternational Business Company – IBC;
The company registration term 10 working days;
AUTHORISED SHARED CAPITALThere are no restrictions for IBC: the optimal amount of capital is not more than 100,000 US dollars (for payment of a minimum government fee);
TaxationFixed annual fee;
The minimum number of shareholdersOne;
The minimum number of directorsOne;
Nominal servicePossible;
Availability of information on shareholders, beneficiaries and directorsInformation on directors is submitted to the registration authority, information about shareholders and beneficiaries is stored at the company's registration address; all information is non-public;

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