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Belize is an independent democratic state of the British Commonwealth since September 21, 1981, a member of the Caribbean Financial Assistance Group (CFATF).

The system of law and the judiciary in Belize are similar to the English legal model. For Belize, as for most countries in the Caribbean, there is a high level of corruption.

Belize has free trade agreements with Venezuela and Colombia. When exporting its agricultural products, Belize receives certain benefits under the American development program of the countries of the Caribbean region and the relevant EU Convention. Belizean goods are exempt from customs duties in Canada in accordance with the privileges of the British Commonwealth.

The principles of confidentiality can be violated in accordance with the new legislation, which came into force in 2000. This legislation is designed to overcome the privileges of confidentiality.

AreaThe Caribbean coast of Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula; borders on the north with Mexico, in the south and west - with Guatemala;
Population about 250 000 people;
TimeUTC - 6;
Official languageEnglish:
Currency Belize Dollar (BZD);
Communication systemsStable, dialing code +501;

Basic set of documents

Legalized documents (copies of documents certified by an apostille):

  1. Notarial certificate;
  2. Original Certificate of Registration;
  3. Original Decision of the founder on appointment of the first directors;
  4. Originals of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  5. The original of the Certificate of tax exemption (in addition).


  1. 2 form of share certificates;
  2. Duplicates of Certificate of Registration and Charter and Memorandum of Association;
  3. Printing company, DHL services and other additions.


Type of company International Business Company - IBC
AUTHORISED SHARED CAPITALThere are no restrictions for the IBC: the minimum is not established.
TaxationFixed annual fee;
Provision of accounting reports and auditingNot required;
The minimum number of shareholdersOne;
The minimum number of directorsOne;
DirectorsDirectors - individuals or legal entities, non-residents or residents;
Nominal servicePossible;
Availability of information about owners and directorsInformation about directors is not available. The register of shareholders must be in the company's office;
Term of registration of the finished company2 weeks;

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