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Registration of companies in offshore jurisdictions

Registration of companies in offshore jurisdictions

The term "offshore" means a country, an offshore state or a special economic zone in which there is no taxation and the need for reporting in the classical sense. Thanks to the presence of a company registered in an offshore zone, a businessman can conduct business activities around the world, significantly reducing the tax burden or maximizing it excluding.

The main difference between offshore and onshore jurisdiction

  • Сompanies registered in offshore have preferential or zero taxation;
  • Preferential tax treatment is granted to companies that do not operate on the offshore territory;
  • Instead of taxes, the company pays an annual fee;
  • In the offshore there is a sufficiently high level of confidentiality;
  • There are no reporting requirements.

Traditionally, information on directors, shareholders and beneficiaries is not publicly available. However, as a result of the world trend of de-orphanization, most off-shores introduce requirements for the creation of registers of directors, shareholders, and the requirement that information about the beneficiary should be kept by the reagent.

When choosing an offshore company, it is necessary to pay attention to the participation of the jurisdiction in the CRS exchange.

The most popular offshore jurisdictions are::

  1. British Virgin Islands (BVI);
  2. Belize;
  3. Seychelles;
  4. Marshall Islands;
  5. Panama.

Offshore companies continue to be a popular tool for tax planning and tax optimization. Some offshore jurisdictions, as before, provide confidentiality, including anonymous possession of assets and business in general. Offshore companies are also actively used as an intermediary in trade transactions.


Registration of an offshore company is possible through the registration of a shelf company or registration of a new company. The process of re-registration of the finished company takes 1 working day, registration of a new offshore company takes place within 5-10 business days. At the initial consultation, the consultant helps the client to determine the choice of jurisdiction, as well as the necessary additional services (opening a bank account, the need for a nominal director, shareholder, issuing powers of attorney, etc.).


After the registration of the company and the transfer of documents to the client, the offshore company must be maintained in good condition and maintained. It is possible to provide services of a registration (legal) address, a nominal director, a shareholder, timely payment of state duty, as well as opening an account with a foreign bank to start a full-fledged work of the company.

Since the business of each client is unique, ICF Legal Service specialists develop an individual structure and tax planning strategy, a separate role in which is assigned to offshore.

In addition to creating and maintaining corporate structures in offshore countries, ICF Legal Service provides the entire range of services required by a company in a foreign jurisdiction - from opening an account with a foreign bank and accounting, auditing and filing financial statements, to providing a "virtual office" and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, including individual NBU licenses.


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